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I’m an award-winning writer/director. I also do a good deal of producing, editing, and shooting – I believe in being as versatile as possible in our increasingly-digital world. Storytelling in all forms is my passion and purpose. I’m a Producer for Avant Healthcare, I’m a writer for the wonderful filmmaking blog NoFilmSchool.com, and from 2012-2014 I served as Vice President on the executive committee of the Indiana Media Production Alliance.

My short film “the best part of my day” won the Clover and Maggie Award Celebrating Life in the Cleveland International Film Fest.  It was also shown at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis and the Big Island Film Festival in Hawaii. My short film “in the long run” premiered at the Indiana State Museum IMAX theatre and was also shown at the Big Island Film Festival. My documentary “Schizophrenia Unleashed: An Artist’s Journey” won the Eli Lilly and Co. Marketing Excel award. Most recently, I released “It’s the LAW“.

I am in development on a feature length documentary, post production on a short horror film (which I intend to later reimagine as a horror feature), a feature revenge flick screenplay, and a short black comedy screenplay. I am also in co-founding a new media company. Yes, I keep pretty busy, but I love it.

When not involved in filmmaking pursuits, I’m very into running, enjoying a nice campfire/firepit, losing at fantasy football, and trying a new local microbrew. I’m a total board game hipster, and I probably have board games you haven’t even heard of *dramatic hair flip*. I’ll occasionally get back to my video game roots — Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics,  Earthbound, etc. I like to spend time with my girlfriend and German shepherd puppy.

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