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From Inciting Incident to Denouement


Because if no one hears your story, it doesn't exist


A big ideas guy that also executes

Creative Direction

About Me

I am an award-winning creative. A writer/director/producer/editor. More simply put, I am a storyteller. I love to both ideate and execute, bringing unique and fun solutions to story, delivery, advertising, or branding problems. I’m interested in narrative and documentary filmmaking, social media marketing, commercial production, screenplay and copy writing, motion graphics, cinematography, and editing; I believe in being as versatile as possible in the filmmaking realm, because all the tools are there, just waiting for you to learn them. It’s been said I’m a “digital jack of all trades”, but I like to think I’m a master of a few, too.

So let’s talk story.


Creative Leadership

I've been fortunate to lead profoundly talented teams. As an award-winning filmmaker, I live for being in the thick of a creative challenge with my team.


I bring years of creativity,leadership, and on-set experience as director, cinematographer, and producer to deliver the best motion picture possible.


I am fully adept in a wide range of camera systems and lenses. The many interviews, short films, and corporate pieces I have shot have seasoned my own personal cinematic style.

Post Production

Timing, storytelling, precision, style, and intuition, all rolled into one. I keep myself sharp on current post production trends, especially when it comes to the Adobe Creative Cloud.


FADE IN. I consider myself a storyteller before all else. Screenwriting, copywriting, blog writing, and social media writing all pour from my inkwell.


Leveraging my experience as a multimedia producer, content is delivered through the smartest means, with the latest tools, to the relevant audience.


Please feel free to contact me using the form on the right. Thank you for visiting my site!